Tuesday, June 14, 2011

first tym guna iner pink by sis nyscha ug ku syggg :)

aaaa nie la keja sy kalau borink .. hahaha . buruk kan . xpaaa .. juzt menghiburkan hati sendiri ba nie.. haha :D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

naaa kalau borink , on9 ja nie , haha , teda keja kan .

maw pakai mana satu aa. pilih seja , sepa maw ?

aktiviti lapang , men basikal with my adik , cuzie or friend , ahah , basikal budak ba nie .

nyum2.. sdp taw nie coklat . dr bentuk pn ble taw sdp kan , ehehehe ..

Friday, April 8, 2011

sempat g b'p0zing tym KALIMARAN.. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

D'masiv - Rindu Setengah Mati

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

,, this is for the heartbreaker,,

Most of us speak our innermost in our blog. I mean, that's the reason why this space exists doesnt it? We may sound fine, we may look fine. Read our posts in the blog, and you'll know we're actually just not fine. Facade, that is. My life, your life, it's all a facade. It has never been the truth, our lives. Tell me you've never laid out a lie in your life, just to cover up for the sadness you're feeling. I know i have, many times. If you havent, you must have been leading such a happy life. Care to share those happiness?
I'm not feeling sad while typing this, it sorta just came about. You know, at your fingertips and you're dying to type it out. Okay, maybe i feel a bountiful of sadness for my friend. I wish there was something i could to make things better for her. Ahh, i'll offer her my shoulder if she needs one though i most probably think she'll complain it's too bony. :P
Time and reality check, it's 3.04 am. I need to head for bed before starting a new week ahead. Ahh, how i wish time doesnt fly so fast.

You dont want to talk to me in the day. That's probably the only time of the day i'm fully awake and able to entertain, if not fully at least partially. You talk to me at night, the time when i needed my sleep and rest to start a new day. As a result, i am always sleepy and tired in school, i cant function properly. The only (probably) reason you refuse to talk to me in the day is because my friends are around. I choose to be understanding on that factor. But why must i accommodate to your lifestyle then? Cos i think i'm the one schooling here. More often than not, we hardly talk when you call. Conclusively, i see no connection here. Maybe because, we really have nothing in common to talk about.
To be honest, i'm tired but i want to talk to you. That's the reason i stayed up late, to talk, to communicate, to form connections with you. But i always feel like you're barking back at me, chasing me to sleep. I know you did that for a good cause. But i want you to understand the reason why i'm staying up. But ohh wells, i'm tired of being crystal clear about what i feel. If secretive is what you think i am being, i will be from now. I'm giving up, i need the vital part of my daily living and that is sleep. I wont be accommodating anymore.
Maybe i'll choose to talk to Boo instead, at least i know we can talk about a million things after which i'll suffer amnesia about it the next day. HAHAHHAHA. ;D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

muka sowt2 semua nie, ahahah. borink punya pasal ngn housemate , men mekap n men gmbr webcam, ahhahaah, mcm2 gelagat muka lor, atuiii..sampi pakai2 dress g nie.. ahaha. pa2 pun mlm  2 mmg besttt sgttt..
eheheeeeeeeeee,,, sy syg kawan2 sy lorrr..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

.. my parfum.. LIKE diz so muchh !

C├ętait salement romantique♡ ... present from my mum....